Tom Saboia is a Music Producer/Musician/Composer from Brazil. He has been in the music field since ’85, when he was only 14. He's started studying the piano at 6 and the guitar at the age of 11. Throughout his teen years, he had been in many bands, along with an Instrumental Guitar based career.

In ‘96 he started his own music production business based on an emerging digital recording era, and also giving classes in music technology based productions. From that time on, he has kept with his growing knowledge and development in music producing techniques, composition and teaching.

As part of his studies he attended to an advanced course in Acoustics at Omid Audio Academy - São Paulo in 2003, that has brought him a new understanding in music, and its relation with the physics of sound in a more scientific manner.

Tom wrote two books in the music production field that have been published in Brazil and has recorded, mixed, produced and composed to countless bands and artists. He's developed skills as arranger, being able to also record acoustic and electric guitars, basses, percussion, ethnic instruments and keyboards parts for his clients, and to program strings, orchestral and groove sequences for publicity campaigns as well, including ringtones for Samsung Co.

In 2008 he produced one of the major bands in Brazil, O Rappa (Warner Music) with 4 singles (the album is called 7X) in the Brazilian’s top 10 charts, getting a Gold Album, now reaching Platinum. He's helped countless artists and bands to start their careers in the Brazilian music industry with a high standard competitive music material. He also has helped many major Brazilian artists to build their own project studios, as has taught/trained many people to work on professional recording studios.

In 2011, Tom has felt that he should aim his knowledge and experience to a different view. That’s when he realize that he could conciliate his personal spiritual awakening process to his mature musicianship, conceiving the Healing Soundscapes project.

About Tom Saboia