Binaural Beat is a phenomenon that occurs as an auditory processing artifact, based on the acoustic perception known as Beat.

When we hear two tones with frequencies that present a slight difference between each other, instead of hearing two separated sounds, we actually hear one sound with a constant pulsation.

This pulsating sound is similar to the Tremolo effect used with many instruments and has a frequency that equals the difference between the two original tones. For example: If we sum a tone at 300 Hz with a 310 Hz tone, we hear the sound that falls close to their original frequencies, added by a 10 Hz pulsation.

This way, as the interval between these two frequencies increase, this pulsation increases its frequency, also increasing its speed. As these intervals get closer, this beat modulates slower, until they reach the same tone, and we can’t perceive this effect anymore.

Guitar players use this acoustic effect to easily tune the different strings of their instrument.

It is also said that our heartbeat is actually controlled by this type of energy, as suggested by Cymatics researches.

Binaural Beats uses this artifacts aided by a pair of headphones. Each ear receives a tone that has a slight difference to the other, inducing our brain to create a beat that happens only at the psychoacoustic domain, which means: inside our mind.

This method creates a phenomenon called Frequency Following Response, based on the concept that if one receives a stimulus with a frequency in the range of the Brain Waves, the predominant brain wave frequency of this person moves towards the beat frequency created by the Binaural Beats.

Since Brain Waves falls mainly below our hearing range (20Hz), Binaural Beats becomes a great tool to reach over the limits of our hearing perception.

Depending of the difference between the frequency of two tones, we can find exactly which brain wave frequency range we want to induce and aim for the benefits we are looking for.

Binaural Beats

All the information above was gathered by deep research through solid resources. Still, it is not intended to be used as a scientific proven healing methodology by any means. Feel free to read through it and use this music and information by your own responsibility and beliefs.