Sound For The Healing (528Hz) was the first song that I wrote using Healing Content Music methods.

I made it when I was first introduced to these new ideas by my friend and musician from Rio de Janeiro, Vitor Queiroz, while we were producing his music project entitled Monitorado, which was conceived using this same knowledge.

Inspired by this great information, I decided to compose this song to offer it as a gift to a friend of mine who was very ill.

All the sounds heard in this song, played along with a constant 528 Hz pure tone, were created using my guitar, a ’98 Gibson Les Paul Standard tuned to key C corresponding to 528Hz.

The main melody was recorded in only one take, while I imagined myself as a cosmic antenna receiving inspiration from the above, to come up with those notes sequence.

The melody is in Lydian mode, which I love to play.

Thanks for listening.

In Detail

Sound For The Healing (528Hz)