If you read through the links about Solfeggio Frequencies, you probably noticed that there is a Divine intelligence around those numbers as well as inner meanings for them.

Now, If you think of 440Hz as the today’s tuning frequency reference, you need to know that all those divine frequencies found at the Solfeggio scale were cutoff from our standard 12 semitones chromatic scale (diatonic scale).

It is said that there is a conspiracy involving this standard, since 440 Hz can be divided by 2 - suggesting two sides (good and evil, one against another). So, all those divine frequencies that are divided by 3 (suggesting the Holy Trinity) and that would be harmonizing us with its natural blessings would be gone forever, leaving us being bombed by a constant harmful sound.

If you think of the large and lucrative greedy business that involves fear, diseases, war, you can understand how that could be possible to be a true fact.

So, if you use A=417 Hz, we would descending our tuning tension to less than a semitone, and putting this frequency back in use to us.

Another method is to use our tuning calibration as A to 444 Hz, so the key C will fall on 528 Hz.

Thinking of frequencies as radio stations, we can understand that if we get slightly off the right tuning frequency, we hear only static - or a station that we don’t desire. This is how resonance interact with everything that exists in the universe.

Doing a little research about Cymatics it gets really easy to understand how sound gives form to matter, then it gets easier to understand how sounds interacts with our moods.

The same way, if we think of frequency as part of the atomic orbital structure, we can go even further on understand the importance of sound in our existence.

You can find more detailed information through our links to resources

Special Tuning

All the information above was gathered by deep research through solid resources. Still, it is not intended to be used as a scientific proven healing methodology by any means. Feel free to read through it and use this music and information by your own responsibility and beliefs.