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This is the place where you will find Healing Content Music that has been created applying all sorts of frequency and acoustics knowledge that will ultimately bring good vibes to the listener.

So, what does Healing Content Music mean exactly? 

There are really a lot of solid information and knowledge in acoustics and psychoacoustics that  is being used for science, health and spiritual aid too, and you will be able to find more details as you dig in through the blue links at your left.

But the fact is: All this knowledge is already in use, most in a non musical form, where people are exploring its benefits with the use of sounds and frequency tones.

My intention is to bring to the listener the same benefits these special sounds are capable of, in a more musical way. So I decided to use the gift of music that has been given to me, to transform these divine sounds in beautifully inspired songs, and to offer this music for whoever resonates with this same pure intention.

At the lower In Detail area you will find the links to the explanation for each release, as the type of sound I used, and for what sort of result or benefit we would be expecting from it.

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